Welcome to your 40th Reunion, HR1981!

Remember hanging around the dining hall and just chatting? While our reunion this year is all virtual, we are bringing back that connection by taking advantage of the new format to meet up easily and frequently. Long boring Zoom webinars? NOPE! Drop in to hear what our classmates are experiencing on a wide range of topics and meet in small-group breakouts: our virtual dining hall. Rally your ’81 pod and join us!
Warm Regards,
HR1981 Reunion Committee, and Co-Chairs Susan Israel, Barbara Watson, Kate (Elliott) Scherlis, Dan Scherlis, Guy Fish, Patric Verrone

Stay updated:
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Are you receiving 40th Reunion Emails?  Are your friends?

Due to a few errors and bugs in Harvard’s email system, about 15% of us were unwittingly and accidentally unsubscribed from EVERYTHING:  reunion invitations, class report (Red Book)  info, other “class engagement” emails, and everything else College-related.  What about you?

Are you getting biweekly Reunion Newsletters? 
Not sure?  Just search for email “from:class of 1981”.
Nothing? Then let’s get you back on the list!  Just email Dan@HR1981.org

Too much Harvard email?  Edit your Harvard email preferencesHowever, due to one of the Harvard email bugs, this will work ONLY if you are already (re)subscribed to the Harvard College “Business Unit”.
(If nothing is selected for “HARVARD COLLEGE” on that page, you probably should send this email.  Otherwise, it might appear to let you opt back in, but only for a few minutes before opting you back out of everything.)

About that HarvardKey:  As with all alumni- or class-restricted content, you’ll be asked for a “HarvardKey” password.  It’s worth the one-time annoyance to registerAnd you can recover your password.  (For help with opting-in or with HarvardKey, email AA&D Service Desk or the HAA 40th Reunion team).

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