36th Reunion Detailed Agenda for Cambridge

HR1981 36th Worldwide Reunion
Cambridge: Detailed Schedule

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, June 9 – 11

Friday, June 9, 2017

4 – 6 pm.   Election Reform and Voter Rights

Adams House Dining Hall
(Hilary and Todd Morrison)

In 2000 and 2016, the Republican candidate was elected President despite having lost the popular vote; in the latter case, by nearly 3 million votes. There are at least two contributing factors that permit this outcome. One of these is specific to the Presidential race: the Electoral College.  Another is the de facto two-party system. In presidential races, a relatively popular third/independent party candidate is seen as a spoiler. Think Republican Congressman John Anderson in 1980, Ross Perot in 1992, and Green Party candidate Ralph Nader in the 2004 and 2008 elections.  In an election year, there’s always discussion about how the US should do away with the Electoral College, but the concern fades. Further, it would require a change to the US Constitution to replace the EC with the popular vote. There are alternative, more readily achievable reforms. We plan to focus on two of these: the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and Instant Runoff Voting and its corollary, range voting. In addition, and with help and material provided by Lisa Davis, we will consider several recent case studies focused on voter identification laws, denial of voting rights, and gerrymandering.

6:30 – 10 pm.  Cocktails and Dinner

Adams House Dining Hall

Saturday, June 10, 2017

8:30 – 9:45 am.     Breakfast

Adams House Dining Hall

10 am – Noon. There are two concurrent sessions during this time.

(These are the only concurrent sessions.)

(1) Acceleration – Climate Woes and Response:
How can we join forces to mitigate a climate disaster?

Adams House Dining Hall
(Amy Edmondson, Susan Israel, and Sam Perry)

After a brief introduction on “Wicked Problems” and key climate frameworks, we will lead the group using hands-on creative materials and teaming to create our climate action collaborations and plans.

(2) SocRe Lab:  Ensemble Theater:
The Dynamics of Group Creative Problem Solving

Adams House Kiely Conservatory
(Bonnie Zimering Bottoms)

This lab is in response to a basic SocRe question, “Why can’t we solve some of the world’s biggest problems?” In the session we will define behaviors that get in the way of constructive collaboration.

The group will engage in Theater Games and Improvisation Structures that teach actors how to function as an ensemble. We will work in small groups to create short theater pieces, share them, and then reflect on the group creative process. We will define the basic ingredients of ensemble theater work and discuss how these might be transferable when approaching societal problems.

Noon – 1:15 pm.    Lunch

Adams House Dining Hall

1:15 – 2:15 pm.   Harvard Dining Hall Workers Strike:
and Implications for Future Organization/Worker Relations

Adams House Dining Hall
(Joe Cortes and union leaders)

In the fall of 2016, HR1981 and HR1981 SocReTable mobilized to assist in the resolution of Harvard’s disputes with its dining hall workers, janitors, and custodians. Pres. Faust responded immediately to our letters that highlighted the facts surrounding the disputes with actions directed at the university’s negotiation teams. The DHW leaders report that the resolution of these disputes has had national implications for DHW-university relations.  Harvard DHW leaders will be discussing the specifics of the dispute and its national implications.  Our discussion will center on how HR1981 SocRe, the class and others may continue efforts at improving organization-workers relations beyond Cambridge.

2:25 – 3:25 pm.   Why I’m running for Mayor of NYC in the 2017 Democratic primary in these turbulent political times (Bashner2017.com)!

Adams House Dining Hall
(Richard Bashner)

As a community board leader in Brooklyn for a district serving over 100,000 people of all backgrounds, I have worked steadily over the last 18 years to bring together many diverse groups and make improvements in New Yorker’s lives.  I hope to chat with our class about that experience and to share ideas about community building on a larger political stage.  For more info, please see Bashner2017.com and Bashner2017 on Facebook.

3:35 – 5:30 pm.  Glimpses for Introverts.

Adams House Dining Hall
(Lee Rubin Collins, Nancy Pfeffer, and Kate Elliott Smith)

Unlike the Glimpses at previous reunions, this is not a public recitation but a topic-driven, small-group conversation, and a chance to get to know classmates better by sitting with them to share about a topic we’ve all chosen.   We’ll aim for 6-8 people at a table.

Each table will have one of these topics: “The Rest of My Life,” “What Matters,” or “How My Thinking Has Changed Since Harvard.” We might have two or more tables for each topic, depending on the number of participants. We will encourage people to sit with folks they don’t really know, and to feel free to tell a story.

We would like to spend a little time at the end reporting back to the group on some of the most meaningful or poignant realizations at each table.

5:45 pm.   Walk and talk, up to the Cronkhite Center

6 pm.   Cocktails and Dinner.

Cronkhite Center, 84 Brattle Street.   

Sunday, June 11, 2017

9:30 am – Noon.  Brunch.

Cronkhite Center, 84 Brattle Street

Noon – 2 pm:  Mini-reunion wrap-up and next steps

Cronkhite Center
(Bonnie Zimering Bottoms, Joe Cortes, and others.)