Class Works & Class Photos

This just in!
Collected photos from our time at Harvard.


Whether or not you come to reunion you can be represented, and you’ll be able to see what classmates are up to. We want to show pictures & videos of classmate creations (Class Works), and we’re collecting pictures from our college years (Class Photos).

1. Class Works

At our 30th reunion, we presented pictures & videos from you between each of the classmate talks at our Glimpses session (5-minutes each, with classmates’ personal stories, experiences, performances, and more).  For the 35th, we’re expanding the concept into Class Works.

Please send us your creations, to share at reunion. We’d like URLs, images, clips, etc. showing what you’ve been up to:

  • Digital images of art & design: photographs, paintings, architectural designs, sculptures, etc
  • Musical recordings
  • Clips from motion pictures, TV shows, and theatrical productions
  • Links to articles, blogs, and electronic publications
  • Images of covers, and pub info, for books, recordings, movies, software, and other works
  • Photos or videos of your choral performances, horse shows, beehives, …

You can submit your works via an easy drag-drop webform.

Please contact Patric Verrone with any questions.

And watch this space: we’ll be publishing the Class Works here, after reunion.

2. Class Photos

Do you have pictures from college? We’d all love to see those! Please send them directly to Joe McDonough , who is producing a “rolling slideshow” for our reunion.

Images with identified classmates especially encouraged. Please include a short blurb describing who/what is in the image and any thoughts you want to share about it.

If in doubt about your image, send the file. We want quantity just as much as quality!