Body Shop: Midlife Body Mechanics, Sat. April 24, 3:30-5pm, EDT

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How’s your body holding up? Hear what topnotch orthopedic surgeons and other specialists know about how to get through the day (and the long haul) with our bones and joints intact—and when it’s time to call the doctor!

Panelists include:

  • Don Pompan,
  • Ben Rosenberg, and
  • Chris Vogelmann;
  • Moderator: Lois Nesbitt,

After the hour of panel discussion, stick around to ask questions and socialize. Contact:

Bodies at midlife . . . Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who’s only noticed a slowdown. Maybe you’re in the larger group who lives with chronic aches and pains or has resorted to surgery. Tune in as classmates who’ve devoted their careers to keeping our bones and joints working share what doctors used to do, what they do now, and what’s on the horizon for our kids and grandkids.

They’ll discuss what can go wrong in problem areas like hips, lower backs, knees, shoulders. When it’s time to get a consult, and workable solutions from physical therapy to major surgery—as well as the inherent risks, benefits, and limitations. With a bit of luck, we’ve all got a few decades to go, so seize this opportunity to get some expert insider insights into the bodies that house our world-class brains.:)

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