35th Reunion: News on housing, schedule, registration.

ADDING:  Full details for registration & attending reunion are on the 35th Reunion Registration page.  Like all the most important info, it’s found via the menu in the page banner above.

News and updates on our reunion:

We now have the housing costs for reunion:

  • Adult Housing Pricing:
    • First night: $95
    • Second night: $75 ($170 for a 2-night stay)
    • Additional nights only $50 (So, 3- or 4-night stays are $220 or $270)
  • Child Housing Pricing, 18 mths to 18 years:
    • $75 flat fee (Same price for 1 night, or for 4)
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11 Responses to 35th Reunion: News on housing, schedule, registration.

  1. Steve Gold says:

    Hi Dan,

    We want to register without delay but haven’t had a chance to coordinate with classmates with whom we might like to share digs. (Though somehow the choice of suite mates seems less important now than it did 39 years ago.) Can we add those requests later?

    Looking forward to seeing everybody!


  2. Danguole Altman says:

    Quick question on housing – is the rate per person or per room? Is Dunster housing suites or singles – I’m assuming if someone attends with their spouse and a kid or two, they would be housed together in a suite, but I don’t know with the new renovation if that is a correct assumption. Some details would be much appreciated….

    Looking forward to seeing everyone!


    • Dan Scherlis says:

      The rate is per person. The newly-renovated Dunster reportedly offers “a large mix of studio-style and common room-style suites, and a shift away from in-suite bathrooms toward shared hallway baths”
      And my understanding is that, yes, classmate & spouse & kids would be in a suite, if at all possible.

  3. Liz Ryan says:

    How do I book a 4-night stay at a dorm?

    Thanks to you all for organizing this!


  4. Susan St. Louis says:

    Planning on attending the 35th. Are links to registration screens not yet active or am I missing something?

  5. Tony Dillof says:

    Are these prices per person or per bed? Thanks.

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