PSA: Last chance to vote in crucial Overseers election.

REMINDER: Ballots must be RECEIVED in Cambridge by noon on May 20.

The HAA Nominating Committee developed a slate of candidates for the Board of Overseers and HAA Elected Directors.  As you may know, in addition to the HAA-nominated slate, five petition candidates qualified for ballot placement in the Board of Overseers election.

Please read more about how their positions challenge Harvard’s current college tuition and admissions practices in this Harvard Magazine article. The article includes a letter from five past Board of Overseers presidents sharing their concerns about the petition candidate platform.  See also this Crimson editorial and the website of the Coalition for a Diverse Harvard for more info.

Please vote for a full slate (five Overseers, six HAA Directors).  If you have questions, the elections FAQ may be helpful.

Note: Please let us know if there are better summaries of the controversy over this election, or ones that represent other important points of view.

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2 Responses to PSA: Last chance to vote in crucial Overseers election.

  1. Sam says:

    Actually, ballots had to be in to New York mailing address, NOT Cambridge, by noon today – moot now I know.

    • Dan Scherlis says:

      Oops. (*pauses to remember his mailing date*) Well I still made the deadline. I hope nobody counted on the difference, or tried to walk theirs in to the HAA.

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