Keep Moving! How and Why We Need To Stay Active, Sat. May 15, 3:30-5pm, EDT

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Star athletes, coaches, and movement therapists discuss why staying active is critical to good health, what they preach, and what they practice. Turn off your Fitbit and tap into some authentic life lessons from people who were born to move. Panelists include Jay Foley, Bobby Hackett, Len Busch, and Lois Nesbitt. Contact:

After the panel discussion, stick around to ask questions and socialize.

How can we keep moving through midlife, enjoying the sports, running, surfing, and other activities that make life worth living? Aging athletes may feel the results of overuse, weekend warriors the strains of erratic on/off workouts, and late starters experience injuries that now take longer to heal.

Classmates who deal with bodies in motion—athletes, coaches, yoga teachers, orthopedists—talk about the most common injuries and ailments they observe, the workarounds for almost every limitation, and the fine art of practicing what you preach. Whether you’re just trying to forestall aging or you’re determined to persist in your chosen sport, this session should both enlighten and inspire you to keep moving!

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